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07 October 2018
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feeling of chaos. He is inseparable from reality, as he exists beyond the veil. The hivemind that confounds the living, and perpetuates the torture of the damned. #zalgo #chaos #chtulhu #lovecraft #darkness by Zalgo Worshipper June 22, 2009 buy the domain for your cat vlog Zalgo is a fictitious entity created for an edited comic strip. In his right hand he holds a dead star, and in his right hand he holds the Candle. He waits behind the thin wall you have built in your soul to free yourself from him. The Nez pe rdian hi ve-mind of chaos. "What is Zalgo?" Usual Answer: "To invoke the hive-mind representing chaos.

But he shall come. Once the eyes have been removed, the soul is removed. His left hands are stained with the blood cruz of Am Dhaegar. He w ho, party waits Behind The Wall.

He Waits Behind The Wall.This explanation is offered up to further confuse the asker instead of help them.

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Bir çay koy bakalm orospu dedi. Bir eli ile memelerimi okarken dieri ile popomu mncklyor, boynumu yalyordu. Cebinden bir kibrit çkarp uzatt. Ben de inleyerek sikini skyor popomu kvryordum. Ne azgn kaltaksn sen be, amna kodumun orospusu dedi. Ben de erkeime smsk sarlm neresi denk gelirse öpüyor, omuzlarn emiyor, dudaklarn yalyordum. Çok tatlsn orospu diyordu. Ki laf edecek insan aryordum.

The apparent corruption of text is accomplished by using accent marks and other meta characters.

And will sing the song that will end YOU. Whose Light Is Shadow. Zalgo is represented as a malign chaotic entity who manifests as apparently corrupted text on web pages, and as a black tentacled mass within cartoons and other images. If the viewers browser is using the correct character encoding, the text is readable, other wise the marks are displayed in a manner that makes the page unreadable (often with a vertical stacking of the marks running down the page. Invoking the fe eling of cha. This childish behaviour is widespread and serves to alienate those who don't realise that there is little more to the meme than the use of a simple idea to confuse people. Waits.wall has quit ( Ping Timeout ) #zalgo #irc #bot #robot #e by mIRC123 September 19, 2009. He sings the song that ends the earth. With out or. His code is garbled, made by E ( trademark ) Claims to wait behind wall but in fact it's just before you. The living husk is testament to cruelty and everlasting doom. He Waits Behind The Wall." This explanation is offered up to further confuse the asker instead of help them. Zalgo, h IS C, oMI.


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